The list of best video editing free software mac

Mac is very popular among professionals and why shouldn’t it be? Everybody wants to use the best of the best gadgets. Therefore, one would not be surprised if there are many video editing free software mac tools. It doesn’t matter if you want to add a soundtrack, titles and transitions or want to add some Hollywood or Bollywood style effects, the applications will do their respective jobs. The good news is that most of the programs are for free. Just because the software is free doesn’t mean that they would have less or limited features and produce low results than compared to the expensive software. Most of the free tools can produce good quality movies.


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This software is simple to use and is an open source editor which is considered as one of the best video editing free software mac. It has many features and templates that can create effects, slow motion, time effects and titles. The templates have the ability to discard the background from the video as well. This software allows you to create animated 3D effects and titles. It supports unlimited tracks and has seventy plus languages. The interface isn’t that great but it is definitely worth trying.  


This used to be free only for people who purchased a Mac, but now everyone can download it from the Mac app store. This application is very easy to use. The best features are the trailer themes which allows you to make cinema type of trailers within few minutes. There are different sound effects, transitions, title styles and many more effects that can help you to create your own movies. Another plus point is that you can easily import your photos, audio tracks and include them in your production. This is hands down the best free video editor for Mac.


Video editor moviemator

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 This software lets you to split, trim, merge and move clips from different sources. It has the ability to handle almost all the customer file format that you will be needing and can directly import from your gopro or iphone. There are tons of in built transitions and effects and that’s not it you can create or add your own titles too. The interface is quite simple and you can also have a glimpse of your video using the ‘real time’ preview option. The only drawback is that there are certain limitations with respect to the free version. 

Apart from these you can also use lightworks and davinci resolve tools for video editing free software mac.